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The role of a notary public in adoption related documentation


Did you know that in addition to drafting deeds, mercantile documents, wills (both English and non-English language), and the domestic sale or purchase of property, that a notary public may play an important role in adoption related documentation? It is perhaps an unfortunate fact that not all countries have relatively straightforward adoption laws; for example, there are strict conditions set in the United States and other foreign nations for people seeking an international adoption.

Much like the sale of, say, international property to prospective British buyers, international adoption in the United States requires the United States Department of State to intercede. Different countries typically have their own department to handle such processes. Just like real estate notarisation, international adoption documents need to be “legalised” or “authenticated” before they’re legally accepted and ratified in other countries.

Unfortunately, however, things can get a little bit more complicated, which is why it is so useful to have a notary public to make the process run smoothly. One complication from foreign adoption includes a case where the child (or children) you want to adopt isn’t a member of a country that is a signatory of the Hague Adoption Convention. It may be the case that you need to employ a “chain authentication method” that requires you to follow through various steps of a document until your international adoption is recognised everywhere. This might seem like a hassle, but this process does help to ensure that all children that are adopted are taken into the care of responsible adults. This process also helps to severely limit child trafficking, which is a horrendous black-market problem for many of the world’s governments, especially for so-called guardians in third-world countries, where the problem is rife.

A notary public will help accomplish their client’s goal of international adoption in a logical and stress-reduced manner. Adoption is, of course, a rewarding process for prospective parents; moreover, it also can be an extremely rewarding feeling for a notary public, as it is often their job to connect kids with parents who are looking forward to enriching their own lives, as well as their new child’s.

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