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London Notary Public


Welcome to South London Notaries. Our Notaries are specialised lawyers who prepare, authenticate and keep records of the due execution of legal documents. With our head office based in Tooting and a branch office in Knightsbridge; our Notary services are very easily reached via car, train, bus and the London underground. 

In addition to our convenient locations, our Weekend and Mobile Notary Services endeavour to be available at all times and across most locations within the Central and Greater London areas.

Our Notary Public London lawyers provide a range of Notarial services that are competitively priced with flexible appointment times. Contact us today if you are in need of Notary services or make an enquiry using the form on the bottom of this page.

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Notary Services London 

Notaries form a small, highly specialised branch of the legal profession. A Notary Solicitor specialises in the preparation and certification of documents so that they may be used effectively in other countries. A Notary, or Notary Public, can authenticate most documents with a seal that verifies to authorities that any relevant checks have been fully carried out and the document is properly signed. 

Apostille in London

In addition to Notary Public services, we offer Apostille services in London that fully legalise the intended document of which has been signed. Once the notarial act has been issued, the authoritative recipient in the other country then decides whether to accept or decline the document. In certain jurisdictions, the recipient will require further authentication, this is where South London Notaries Apostille services come in, helping you get your documents legalised quickly and efficiently. 

Power of Attorney London

Our Notary Publics specialise in creating and certifying Powers of Attorney that give third parties legal authority. Where a person is unable to handle their own affairs, for whatever reason that may be, our London Notary Public services help individuals give authority to another person to carry out legal tasks on their behalf. This is achieved through a Power of Attorney. Powers of Attorney can be developed for a range of different reasons, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Notary Solicitors in London

Need assistance with legal documents? Experts at South London Notaries are here to your rescue. Offering professional notarial services, we specialise in preparing and certifying documents in accordance with specified standards. In addition to authentication, our notary solicitors also excel in other legal areas, including certifying power of attorney and apostille services.

As a local notary service, we constantly strive to make legal assistance more accessible and affordable to the larger public. That is why our service offers competitive rates, flexible appointments, and we have multiple locations across the city. Clients can even access our mobile notary in London for fast and convenient service.



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Very reasonable prices; they were thorough and professional throughout the service. I would recommend to anyone. Ho-Ming
The Notary provided a timely, efficient notarisation service and we would be happy to use the firm again in the future WeSeeHope formerly HopeHiv (charity)
South London Notaries have helped me on several occasions when I was dealing with selling a flat abroad. Very professional service. On one occasion I urgently needed the power of attorney letter and the Notary had managed to do it in one day ( I have tried few other offices before finding this one, and all of them needed few days to help me). Would definitely recommend them to all my friends and will always be dealing with them in future. Thank you so much Natalya
The Notary was very quick off the mark, when I requested a notarisation of a document it was prepared very quickly overnight and I was able to sign it as soon as I went to their offices the next day. I would recommend South London Notaries for anyone who is looking for a fast, reliable and friendly service. Jana
Efficient, thorough and affordable! World class service! Karen
I received a professional, friendly and efficient service from the Notary, he was really helpful and gave me a lot of great information as my situation was quite specific and complicated! Sneha
For the busy professional on the go, the service could not be better. No-nonsense, efficient, friendly and approachable. Highly recommend! Karina
The Notary was available at short notice and at very reasonable prices. Highly recommended. Rogier

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