Notary Public Services for Individuals

Our London based Notary Public offers a variety of notarial services for individuals.

Our prices are very competitive and affordable and start from as low as just £40 for a single document; and may increase depending on the complexity and the amount of verification that is required.

A Notary Public’s work can cover a lot of aspects and deal with many different types of legal documentation, whether it be international or even domestic, so if you are unsure about what you need or just want some general advice feel free to contact us.


Some examples of notarial work that we undertake for individuals are:

  • Power of Attorney Certification
  • Affidavit Certification
  • Statutory Declaration Certification
  • Education Certificate Verification
  • University Degree Verification
  • Professional Qualification Certificate Verification
  • Marriage Certificate Verification
  • Death Certificate Verification
  • Birth Certificate Verification
  • International Bank Loan Documents
  • International Mortgage Documents
  • Passport Applications
  • International Court Documents
  • International Legal Documents
  • International Contracts
  • International Property Transfer Documents
  • Passport/ID Verification
  • Verification/Certification by a Solicitor  
  • Proof of Address Verification
  • Signature/Fingerprint Verification
  • Commissioner of Oaths Services

As we work on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis please contact us to get yourself booked in.

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