Notary Public

How a notary public in London can help you


A notary public is a legal official who can authorise and certify a wide range of documentation. You may be in need of the services of a notary public in London if you require notarisation of anything from a will to medical documents, property sale documentation and adoption certificates.

A notary public is a fully qualified lawyer and can conduct all legal proceedings, as well as document certification, with the exception of acting in court proceedings.

What services can a notary public provide?

While notary publics are often required to authenticate documents for use abroad, they are also frequently required for legal assistance within the United Kingdom. For example, you may need some property documentation to be legally certified during a property sale, or a sworn statement (known as an affidavit) to be authenticated in order to protect you from potential future legal cases.

A notary public can also be employed to authenticate and certify crucial documents required during certain life stages, such as adoption certificates and wills, as well as assisting with Power of Attorney documentation.

How does a notary public differ from a solicitor?

There are only a few differences between a solicitor and a notary public, the main one being that they cannot participate in court proceedings. They can, however, certify documents required within a legal process which may be related to court proceedings.

Your notary public will have the same background of education as a solicitor and will be able to assist in legal proceedings as such.

What protection do I have against misconduct of a notary public?

All notary publics must keep their clients’ money separate from their own. In addition to this, they must retain valid insurance and of course comply with strict regulations as required for all legal personnel. A notary public must renew their certificate on an annual basis – so you can remain assured that they adhere to the highest standards of best practice at all times. ¬†You can find out more about a notary public¬†here.

How do I find a notary public in London?

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