Notary Public

What is a mobile notary public?


A notary public is a qualified lawyer with the certification to authenticate a wide range of documents. From property documentation right through to wills and adoption certificates, they are able to provide confirmation of authenticity which is recognised internationally.

What type of documents will a notary public authenticate?

For the full range of documentation that can be authenticated by a notary public, visit our information page here. The key areas of documentation covered include: property, birth, death, marriage, and adoption, corporate records, medical records and court related documentation. A notary public is a qualified lawyer who can operate in all legal proceedings and paperwork. They cannot, however, attend court proceedings as a legal representative.

I need a notary public but I’m too busy

You may need a notary public for some planned documentation – or you might find you need one more urgently where you cannot get to their office either due to time constraints or travel practicalities.

At South London Notaries we realise that your lifestyle is likely to be incredibly busy and demanding. In today’s world, you need to be in three places at once, all the time. You need to work around family, employment demands, and somehow fit in a social life too. Not only that, but you may need documentation authorised very quickly due to time dependent deadlines.

That’s why we offer a mobile notary public service. You don’t have to find the time to make it to our office – we’ll come to you. That way you can ensure your documentation is certified the right way, in good time.

How do I book mobile notary public services?

We offer the full range of notary services from within our office and as part of our mobile notary service. If you require assistance with the certification and authentication of documents, or need help acquiring Power of Attorney permissions, this can be done either at the office or at a time and a place suited to you. Should you require a mobile notary public to attend your home or office, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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