Welcome to South London Notaries where we pride ourselves on being able to offer a fast, efficient and professional level of service whilst at the same time remaining competitively priced. With our offices based in Tooting and Knightsbridge; we are very easily reached by car, train, bus and the London underground.

In addition to our convenient locations we will with our Weekend and Mobile Notary Services endeavour to be available at all times and at most locations within the Central and Greater London areas; so please do not hesitate to contact us and make an enquiry.


What is a Notary?

Notaries are specialised lawyers who prepare, authenticate and keep records of the due execution of legal documents.

The office derives from Roman law and the Civil law tradition. In England and Wales, where solicitors and barristers form the predominant part of the legal profession, the particular function of notaries is to verify documents for use abroad.

A Notary’s Role

It is because the notary’s role is to authenticate or verify legal documents that he is completely impartial and his first duty is not simply to his client but to all who place reliance on his notarial acts and certificates.

International law

In England a notary’s acts are normally used abroad, so he is therefore trained in both foreign and English law. In essence the notary’s role is to act as a bridge between the English legal system and other foreign systems of law.